United Colors of Benetton is the realisation of the idea of colors mixed up as a joyful rainbow through its clothes.

Today the same mood is reflected in two new fragrances by United Colors of Benetton. A new essential duo, modern and timeless, just like the essence of the brand.

Essence of United Colors of Benetton is presented in a half-round shaped glass. A flat background is printed with a harmony of stripes evoking United Colors of Benetton’s multi-colored world: the feminine one from orange to pink, the masculine one from blue to green. Seen through the round front of the bottle, the colors dress up the fragrance like a fashion must-have.

As in the advertising campagin - created under the Artistic Direction of Joel Berg for Fabrica – the models’ bodies are wrapped by the same enchanting colors that give an irresistible feeling of happiness.

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